Tube machine automatic loading and unloading device

Automatic loading and unloading,Stable and efficient

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Laser cutting is one of the most extensive processing methods in the laser processing industry. Lin laser automation machine, using high performance of stable feeding device, high-grade CNC system, high precision feeding system, ensure the feeding, with high performance laser cutting machine forming machine stable and reliable, dynamic performance, load capacity one-button automation operation, shorten the feeding time, reduce the safety risks of manual handling, improve the level of enterprise automation, save labor costs.Improve production efficiency.All-weather automatic working cycle, improve the utilization of machine tools; plate separation function and double plate detection function; two placement modes, can effectively save the required placement space; modular design, can be used with the mainstream laser cutting machine in the market; independent research and design, can meet the customized needs of some customers.

Automatic loading

Continuous processing, after the processing of the previous tube, the machine loads the next tube in time to ensure that only one tube is fed to the conveying arm at a time, making production more efficient.

Automatic unloading

The finished product is automatically dropped to the storage bin.

Tube loading diversity

Easy loading of pipes of different sizes, lengths and shapes.

With "general ',' intelligent '," efficient' and 'humanized " as the key words, they can accurately meet customer processing needs and use habits, and help customers to achieve fast, batch and low-cost production and processing.Equipped with special cutting sleeve software, simple operation, high precision, strong professional, widely used in kitchen and bathroom, fitness equipment, storage shelves, sun tent umbrella, auto accessories, etc.

The function of intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine is more comprehensive: intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine through the CNC intelligent control system to the pipe feeding, feeding, cutting and tail material processing to achieve intelligent, automation.No dedicated person is required to operate the machine.Traditional pipe cutting machine mainly relies on manual operation, during the cutting process, people can not leave the machine.

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Tube machine automatic loading and unloading device

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