Revamp Your Metalworking Projects with Precise C02 Laser Aluminum Cutting

Lin Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of CO2 laser machines for aluminum processing in China. Our CO2 laser aluminum cutter is designed to deliver clean, precise cuts on aluminum materials, thanks to its high power output, high beam quality and higher optical-to-optical conversion efficiency.

Our CO2 laser aluminum cutter is equipped with a CO2 laser source that emits a concentrated beam of light with a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers. This wavelength is perfect for cutting through aluminum materials up to 20mm thick without leaving any rough edges, burrs, or slag. Our CNC controller allows you to customize the laser cutting parameters to meet the unique needs of your aluminum processing applications, enabling you to achieve accurate, repeatable and high-quality cuts every time.

Whether you work in the automotive, aerospace, construction, or any other industry that requires precise, efficient cutting of aluminum materials, our CO2 laser aluminum cutter is an ideal solution for your needs. Contact us now to learn more about our products and services.
  • Our Co2 Laser Aluminum is the perfect tool for your metal machining needs. With its high-powered CO2 laser, it can easily cut through even the hardest aluminum materials, providing you with seamless precision cuts every time. Our aluminum laser cutting machine is user-friendly and easy to operate. We focus on providing you with the best possible experience and our machine produces clean and efficient cuts, which meets your specific requirements. You can cut aluminum alloys with high precision and efficiency, make all your cuts look like a work of art. This Co2 Laser Aluminum is built with a high-efficiency laser resonator that provides high-speed processing with low power consumption, saving you both time and money. The laser is also designed with a long life span and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring that your investment in our product is worthwhile. Our machine is made with high-quality materials that guarantee durability, reliability, and precision. It is designed to handle high workloads that meet your manufacturing needs. Additionally, our laser is equipped with advanced software that allows you to create your desired shapes and design with ease. If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and high-quality aluminum cutting tool, our Co2 Laser Aluminum should be your first choice.
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